We are a diverse group of creatives, strategists and digital specialists working together with The George. He asks only one thing of us: to establish more profitable relationships between our client and its consumers.

We have a people-centric approach: We believe in ideas as a source of excellence and performance as a source of growth. As The George always says.

Everything you ever wanted to know about George.

Some say that if you press ctrl + alt + esc he makes a MacBook Pro startup sound and that he changes his voice depending on the source. All we know is that he has 12 passports, speaks 9 languages and now lives in Barcelona. And he doesn't believe Pantone is a real person.


Here would go the typical speech George releases every year. "We have to create a strong emotional bond between brands and customers. We must be present in moments of truth. Support in the hardship. Encourage in the last mile. Markets are conversations." The speech is longer, but that's okay.

What we know how to do

We provide 360º services through the funnel with sales as a result.

How we do it

Atract | Engage | Motivate | Purchase

The best way to meet George

We combine creativity, strategy and data to deliver better results.

Listening to George

Roller coaster

It is not the same to want a product than to love the brand of that product.

George , Overheard in meeting with client


Success in content marketing relies on the wizard, not the wand.

George , Heard in agency
George has a big ego. That's why he got a tattoo with his name on it. On your screen.

My principles in one image

Proactively manage customers at all points of contact with the brand to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Qué me
hace diferente

Experto en tecnología

Soy experto en tecnología y rápido para probar nuevos productos y herramientas para tu éxito.

Servicios integrados

Ofrezco servicios integrados con el objetivo de eliminar los silos que existen entre SEM, marketing de contenidos, PR, Social Media, offline, etc.

Conversiones / beneficios

Pienso como el usuario final, pero entiendo que las conversiones que cambian los ingresos son el único movimiento que importa.

Clientes que ya confian en The George

Y ahora
olvida todo lo que
dije, y solo recuerda esto: