We master languages
we master languages
The George drinks bio Drink We are born
on the rocks
we are born
in the rocks
The George is not a language school Study We are not
a language school
we are not
a language school

We are The George.
A multi-creative, multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual
and multi-personality advertising agency.

We are one and many and we are also a little bit you. In this way your problems are ours and by solving yours we also solve ours too. It might not seem like it makes sense, but it does.

We focus on relevance to sell the problem your product will solve and that's it.

The rest are just hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

we hit the top ten in China

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We gave America away

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we hired Mikhail Gorbachev

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Some say
we can code with a Fender Stratocaster and write marketing plans while snorkeling.

All we know is we’re called The George and we made this website. And many others.



Acqua Plose



Wall Street English

Alpex Drinks





Digital marketing 



Social  media

B2B / B2C / C2C

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I am The George, you are The George,
we are all the George.

Join the team! Sparkling minds wanted.

Every click in
your life led you here, now.

Click once more. We would love to work with you.